Janet Fogg: Voice-over Artist & Actress

“Janet Fogg is a brilliant actress. She has the unique ability to achieve a stand out performance while making other performers look good at the same time. Janet is a pleasure to work with each day. She has an incredible ability to read between the lines in a screenplay and deliver the heart of the character. I highly recommend Janet.“ Aaron Huggett, Director of Prodigal.

“Janet Fogg is a writer's dream. In 2011, Janet performed the role of Rose in my play The Uninvited Guest. From the moment she walked into the audition room to the moment the lights faded to black on closing night on her closing line, Janet imbued Rose with humor, pain, and a rock solid honesty that brought her to life far beyond anything I had imagined. She has a strength and a ceaseless work ethic that serves her well in long rehearsals. She is capable of navigating extremely challenging emotional terrain and turning around to give a smile or deliver a line that will melt your heart. I highly recommend Janet Fogg for your production.“ Phil Holt, Playwright & Author of The Uninvited Guest.


VIEW JANET FOGG’S REEL                                 JANET FOGG IN MENAGES

JANET FOGG AS BETTY                                    JANET FOGG IN SKEETER & BENJI

Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Virginia, Janet settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1988. She’s been a flower child, a mother, a customer service representative and now (!) a grandmother. Currently a member of Lev Mailers Actors Studio, she likes to use her varied background to shape interesting, meaningful characters. Janet thinks she was born to act and can’t imagine doing anything else.

She lives in Hudson, Wisconsin with her husband, Jim.


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